Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jamroz, Krystyna

Krystyna Jamroz(1923-1986), Polish soprano, studied at Wroclaw, started her career in 1948, sang in Poznan, and at the Grand Theater of Warsaw. She had a beautiful and well-trained voice, a great temperament and outstanding acting ability.

Janacek, Leos

Leos Janacek(1854-1928), Czech composer, studied at the Czech Teacher's Training Institute, later taught there, went to Prague to continue to study, helped found the Brno Conservatory in Prague. He composed operas(Jenufa etc), ballets, chamber music.

Jansons, Mariss

Mariss Jansons(1943- ), Latvian conductor, studied from his father first, then entered the Leningrad Conservatory to study piano and conducting. In 1969 he went to Salzburg to study under Karajan and later served as assistant to Karajan in Berlin. He has been conducting orchestras throughout Europe and Russia.

Jarnefelt, Armas

Armas Jarnefelt(1869-1958), Finnish conductor and composer, studied at the Helsinki Conservatory, and continued to study in Berlin and Paris, held post as opera conductor in Magedburg, Dusseldorf, and Vyborg. Later apponited as the director of the Helsinki Institute of Music, conductor of the National Opera of Finland and the Helsinki Symphony.

Jarvi, Neeme

Neeme Jarvi(1937- ), Estonian conductor, studied in Tallinn first, then at the Leningrad Conservatory. In 1971 he won the 1st prize in the International Conductor Competition, he conducted Estonian Radio and Television Orchestra and Estonian National Orchestra. In 1980 he and his family emigrated to US. He conducted Gothenburg Symphony, Royal Scottish Orchestra, and New Jersy Symphony Orchestra. In 2010 the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande named him the artistic and musical director as of 2012.

Jayakody, Marceline

Marceline Jayakody(1902-1998), Sri Lanka Catholic priest, musician, author and journalist, he enetered St. Bernard'a Seminary and was ordained a priest. He composed all the hymns in addition to the traditional "Pasan", his work "Namo Namo Matha" was adopted as the national anthem of Sri Lanka.

Jeanty, Occide

Occide Jeanty(1860-1936), Haitian classical pianist and composer, learned music from his father, then studied at the Paris Conservatory. He composed march music and the national anthem of Haiti.
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